Bwakaw: Movie Review

"Bwakaw" may seem to be a simple look into the life of an old, gay, grumpy man but at its core is a story that has a lot to offer beyond its initial offering and setup. It may not be obvious at first glance but this is a very rewarding experience overall.

Rene (Eddie Garcia) is a gay man who came out in his seventies. He is living alone in his mother's ancestral home. Already in his twilight years, he only has death to look forward to believing that love and companionship is an opportunity lost due to his age. Typically, he is preoccupied with taking care of a stray dog he has named Bwakaw. But when Bwakaw is diagnosed with cancer, Rene's daily routine goes into turmoil. Will this unexpected chaos finally help him to see the beauty of a life that he has already concluded as a lost cause?

At times, "Bwakaw" may feel like its plot and story is too simple but actually that is the reason why this film was an outstanding experience in our opinion. It doesn’t have the excess baggage that a typical mainstream film may consider a must to entertain audiences. And given its simplicity, the film came out much more authentic, real, and approachable. Our main character Rene may come out as annoying at first glance but the film was able to integrate his character’s evolution right into its narrative seamlessly. At the center of the film’s success was none other than the late Eddie Garcia. His portrayal as Rene was amazing to say the least and truly showed how great of an actor he was. “Bwakaw” was that rare experience wherein you really have a connection with its character - from his lows to his highs, from start to finish. Overall, while the film had faults, they came out as very minor when compared to its substantial and meaty character development.   

Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- superb acting from the late Eddie Garcia
- the meaty and substantial character development

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the film isn't your typical mainstream film experience
- some may find the open ended start and ending too different
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