Get to Know the Monsters of SWEET HOME

The Netflix Original Series "SWEET HOME" is coming in at full swing. In fact, it's already topping the Top 10 charts since it was officially release December 18, 2020. In the show, the characters of Sweet Home experience a sudden monsterization of humans who transform due to being consumed by their desires. In addition to the interesting story and talented cast, the variety of chilling monsters is also attracting much attention and interest which you can find out more on each below: 
Blind Monster
This monster is also known as the Lotus Root Monster. With part of its head cut off, the remaining head resembles a lotus root. The monster is blind as a result of no longer having any eyes. After becoming blind, the monster relies on its hearing to find potential victims. 
Tentacles Monster
Also known as the Spider Monster, this monster is definitely an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. This monster is able to move dexterously in vents and on walls as it chases its prey. 
Protein Monster
This giant, muscular monster used to be a human who desired more muscles. Having a very muscular frame, this monster is quite strong and able to do serious damage. 

Tongue Monster
This monster has an extremely long tongue that is retractable. Using its tongue, the monster grabs its victims and sucks out the insides of humans. It appears to have been a patient prior to becoming a monster. 
Eyeball Monster
This monster has several eyes and can stretch its neck. The monster stalks people within the building and can hold on to them using its long neck.
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