Netflix Announces Live Action Adaptation of YU YU HAKUSHO Series in the Works

Netflix announces that it will be producing a live action series based on the legendary hit manga "Yu Yu Hakusho" or also known as "Ghost Fighter" in the Philippines. Originally serialized as a manga for four years from 1990, "Yu Yu Hakusho" was later adapted into an anime series that aired from 1992 to 1995. It later became one of the most popular animes in the Philippines when it was locally brought in and tagalized. The manga series is still talked about among its fans even after ending over a quarter century ago. Netflix promises to make its live-action adapatation to be up to scale to the legendary status of its original source material. The Netflix Original Series "Yu Yu Hakusho" will be released worldwide, only on Netflix. No details yet on release date or casting as of press time. 

"Yu Yu Hakusho" revolves around Yusuke Urameshi, a high school student who spends his days getting into fights. One day, he dies in an accident while trying to protect a young child, and as he grapples with the fact that he is looking down on his dead body, a woman named Botan who calls herself a guide to the spirit world relays to him the shocking truth: no one expected a delinquent like Yusuke to die performing an act of goodness, and there was no place for him in either heaven or hell. Thus, Yusuke is given a chance to be revived, and after passing his trial, he becomes an Underworld Detective. From there, Yusuke quickly becomes entwined in a mystery that envelopes the human, demon and spirit worlds. 

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