Death to 2020: Movie Review

What a year 2020 had been and it's finally dead literally (as it's 2021). With "Death to 2020", the British mockumentary tries to put that dreadful year in a more comedic light. As they say, laughter is the best medicine and we agree - taking things less seriously could help everyone move on and be better in 2021. Unfortunately, "Death to 2020" is too Western-centric with most topics focused on British and American politics exclusively. With its limited scope, if you're not from those countries and not up-to-date in current world events then you'd probably be clueless most of the way.
"Death to 2020" tries to wrap up the dreadful year 2020 became. With fake leading experts and real archival footage at the helm, "Death to 2020" summarizes the year that was in a mix of serious and comical tones.
"What a sh*t show!" indeed. And we're not talking exclusively about the year 2020 but in fact about the mockumentary "Death to 2020" also. The mockumentary had its moments but with the amount of jokes that it presented, some will eventually prove to be funny. The show eventually became a little too awkward as it threw every single 2020 joke you can imagine - good or bad and it became a little too tedious, boring, and crucially, just pointless by the time the credits rolled. We spent an hour or so on it and we felt that we just didn't get anything substantial great from the show and it completely wasted our time. Basically, it just wanted you to laugh and that's pretty much about it when it came to its purpose. Coming from Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, this made "Death to 2020" even more disappointing. We know how talented they are with "Black Mirror" and making a pointless experience was the very last thing we anticipated from the duo. Unfortunately, even its comedy proved to be limiting. With a heavy focus on American and British politics, we imagine most of the other viewers outside these countries would have an even more boring and horrendous time watching "Death to 2020". Maybe Brooker and Jones wanted this to reflect a massively disappointing and unproductive year with a massively disappointing and unproductive project. Are we missing the ones missing the point here?
Rating: 1 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- some jokes will eventually land so it had its moments

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- just pointless
- the jokes are too

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