Mysteries are abound in the just-released WeTV Original series SECTION ST. VALENTINE: THE DISAPPEARANCE OF DIVINE, as a group of students come together to find out what happened to Divine,  the most popular girl in school, when she goes missing at the start of their online classes. Who from our characters is the culprit? Let's all find out via WeTV and iflix starting today, January 15, 7:00PM, with new episodes dropping every week. Read more about each character below:

Divine Concepcion (played by Arielle Roces) 
is a 17-year-old student in her senior year at the Manila International School. She moves back to Manila from the US after her mother dies to live with her grandfather Don Ramon - one of the school’s board of directors. Divine is the perfect package – smart, pretty, rich, and influential. A natural rebel, she is also the president of the school’s film club, and her series of expose videos has earned her a bit of notoriety. Could that be the reason why she has gone missing?

James Pasyon (played by Royce Cabrera) 
is 17 years old and has been a scholar at MIS since he was in elementary.  James was determined to keep his head down and keeping to the middle until he graduates high school, to avoid any scrutiny of his family’s economic status. Or how his classmates and teachers see and treat him. The son of a cameraman, he got the scholarship through the help of a famous actor – something that made him question his own smarts and abilities. Now in his senior year, he is on the basketball team, and is vice-president of the film club (working alongside Divine). His plan to keep playing safe changed when he was named MVP, along with team captain Brian Tenchavez, during the finals for the recent basketball season. With Divine’s disappearance, he finds himself gaining more attention than he expected as he chases down clues to try to find her before it’s too late. 

Anna Hizon (played by Aedel Pena) 
is a senior and one of the scholars at MIS. She is the secretary of the film club and one of Divine’s best friends. Or is she? Anna also works as a tutor to some of her classmates – usually athletes with failing grades. When she transferred to MIS as a junior, James becomes one of her first and closest friends. When James starts digging deep as they search for Divine, will Anna be able to continue standing by his choices?

Matthew Tagle (play by Jem Macatuno) 
is also a scholar, transferring to MIS as a junior after winning a hackathon sponsored by the school.  The smart and techie type, Matthew is the realist in the group and can be pretty direct. Joining the film club is his way of connecting with his friends. As he helps look for clues to Divine’s disappearance, will his constant reality checks help keep him down the straight and narrow?

Brian Tenchavez (played by Raphael Robes) 
is captain of the basketball team and the team MVP (along with James). The scion of a rich family, they own one of the largest construction and real estate firms in the Philippines. As one of the school’s top athletes and most popular guys, he is highly competitive and hates having to share the spotlight. He is not about to let anything get in his way – but will his choices lead him down the road to success or self-destruction? 

Valiant Gorospe (played by Polo Laurel) 
is part of the basketball team, along with Brian and James. One of the rich kids, he had hoped to study abroad just like his siblings, except he lacked the academic skills for it. Spending more time training than studying, he’s failed most of his exams. What’s keeping him in school are his regular tutoring sessions with Anna. Hanging out with Brian and Helena, he becomes their wingman. Will he ever be able to stand up to them and get out before everything falls apart? 

Helena Montemayor (played Thamara Alexandria) 
is one of the prettiest and most popular students at MIS. And she knew it. She also hails from one of the richest families in the country, owning a huge shipping company and a hotel franchise, apart from being one of the founders of MIS. Helena loved to flaunt her expensive designer pieces and the latest gadgets at school. When the pandemic happened, she turned to vlogging to keep flashing her extravagant lifestyle online. She loved being popular, adored, and being the center of attention. Then Divine transferred to MIS and took quite a bit of that away. Does she know anything about what really happened on that fateful night? 

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