Jollibee Reminds Us To Be Thankful for our Families and Loved Ones in Latest Short Video

As quarantine restrictions continue, Filipino families have found ways to expand their roles to provide support and comfort to their loved ones during these trying times. They’ve become one another’s teachers, physicians, and constant playmates - making them more grateful for the gift of family.


The lockdown has made family members become unconsciously reacquainted, and while the situation has been hard for families everywhere, for those lucky enough to be constantly together at home opened up an opportunity for everyone to show more gratitude and support as they live through the pandemic. Leading with the message of “Pasarapin ang Pasasalamat sa Pamilya”, Jollibee encourages everyone to foster the spirit of gratitude towards our families through their new digital video narrating heartwarming everyday scenes that Filipino families share while under quarantine.


This video gives us the realization that even if the current situation has presented many uncertainties, Filipinos draw strength and inspiration from one thing that remains constant-- their families. A true reminder that having them is something that everyone should be thankful for.


“The current situation may be scary and full of uncertainties but still there’s a silver lining and that’s what Jollibee strove to do in our newest video: we have to continue to be grateful to our family that gives us so much love and strength that enables us to face every day,” shared Francis Flores, JFC Philippines Regional/Country Marketing Head.


Show gratitude to your loved ones by turning quarantine time to quality time, starting with watching the video with the entire family on the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel and Jollibee’s official Facebook page

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