Chinese Drama THE ETERNAL LOVE Season 3 Now Available to Stream on WeTV and iflix

Have you ever wondered about finding true love with the same person across multiple lifetimes? How long would it take to find them and when you do, will they recognize you? These are the questions faced by the star-crossed lovers whose lives transcend time and space in the epic love story that is told in "The Eternal Love". The latest and third season is now available to stream on WeTV. New episodes drop every Monday to Wednesday at 8PM PST.

The saga of "The Eternal Love" begins when something unexpected happens to the quiet and gentle Qu Tan’er (played by Liang Jie), after she attempts to take her own life for the sake of love. She was promised to marry the 8th prince of Dongyue, Mo Lian Cheng (played by Xing Zhao Lin), despite her being in love with his older brother Mo Yi Huai (played by Richards Wang). Qu Tan’er wakes up to find another persona – the wild and extroverted Qu XiaoTan who is from another time – sharing her body. What they discover is that when they tell a lie or fall unconscious, the other person takes over. 

You can stream the first two seasons and the of The Eternal Love on WeTV, and new episodes of season three drop every Monday to Wednesday at 8:00PM. VIP subscribers get to watch six episodes ahead.

To stream the very best in Asian Premium Content – K-dramas, Chinese dramas, Japanese anime, Thai series Filipino movies and original productions, just download the WeTV app from the App store and Google Play, and start watching. A monthly subscription starts at P99, quarterly at P269, and an annual subscription is P999. You can also download the iflix app from the App store and Google Play as an alternative.

About WeTV
WeTV, a Tencent company, is the carrying brand for overseas users of Tencent Video - China's leading online video platform with over 100 million paid subscribers. Since it was first launched in 2019, WeTV is now available in Indonesia,  Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, and other territories, accelerated by its acquisition of the iflix brand and resources in the past year. The platform is centered on delivering Asian premium content and original productions – which they can stream anytime, anywhere and on any device – to its users globally.

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