Fear Street Part Three: 1666: Movie Review

Coming off from a strong first film and an excellent second film, "Fear Street Part Three: 1666" had a lot of pressure to be the ultimate capper in making the "Fear Street" trilogy one of the biggest surprises in Netflix's film slate this year. And while we had some qualms about the format it took especially with its characters and actors, the overall narrative closer for this third film simply works.
After reuniting the severed hand of Sarah Fier with her body, Deena has a vision of the events that transpired back in 1666 - when the Fier Witch was executed and the curse that still haunts Shadyside three centuries later started. The vision ultimately unveils the true origins of the curse and how to truly stop it. With this new knowledge, can Deena and her friends finally stop the evil in Shadyside once and for all?
It's rare that we get a satsifying closure to any anthology but "Fear Street" was able to accomplish this leaving little room for any question marks about the storied past and present of Shadyside's curse. That alone makes " Fear Street Part Three: 1666" a required watch for those who have already invested in the previous two films. Although if we could rank the films within the trilogy, the best one was "1978", "1666" comes a close second and "1994" an easy last place. Our biggest issue with "Fear Street: 1666" was its decision to use the same actors that portrayed the characters in 1666. While we understood why this decision was made, we wished they used different actors instead. Some of the characterizations worked but some felt weird and off-putting especially in the context of their modern-day counterparts. Additionally, if you loved the gore in the previous films, then you'll be sorely disappointed as the kill count takes a huge dip. This third film has a sharp focus on closing its overall narrative arc so the carnage takes the backseat here. Overall though, "Fear Street Part Three: 1666" even without the much action easily exchanges this with a whole lot of closure instead. We think they made the right move here.      
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- perfectly closes all the loose threads in the trilogy

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the carnage takes the backseat over closing its narrative
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