Fear Street Part Two: 1978: Movie Review

Coming off a solid start in "Fear Street Part One: 1994", we had high hopes for "Fear Street Part Two: 1978". Luckily, our expectations were met handily and mightily. This second salvo amplifies everything that was oh-so-good in the first film providing more bang for your time from start to finish.
Failing to lift the curse from her girlfriend Sam, Deena and her brother seek the help of the only survivor of the 1978 Camp Nightwing murders Ziggy Berman as she might have the answers on how to stop the Fier Witch once and for all. But Ziggy has been suffering from memory loss and takes a look into her decades old diary to try and piece together the events that unfolded in 1978. Can they finally find a way to end the curse that has been plaguing Shadyside and its residents for centuries?
With the Shadyside lore being built-up in the last film, "Fear Street Part Two: 1978" lacked the surprises that defined the first film's biggest positives. But with almost everything already laid on the plate already the last time, the second film doesn't need any introductions and it was able to provide a more solid and deep approach in developing its lore and mysteries further. But more than its main arc revolving around the Fier Witch, what we most appreciated was the fact that the second film was finally able to give characters that we actually cared for, understood well, and ultimately rooted for.  The first film had little time to really show the quirks of each character and admittedly we just didn't give as much care for each one as we expected to. One critical factor was probably Sadie Sink's charismatic performance as the younger version of Ziggy Berman. Sink's performance stood out against everyone else from this film to the first one. Like the first film, the film also serves as an ode to the slasher films back in the 70s and while it had its raunchy side, there' still an awkward dose of its lighter-toned nature which in our opinion is holding the trilogy back in attaining its full potential. Overall, it's a minor complaint especially against the enjoyable and full featured experience that "Fear Street Part Two: 1978" provided.    
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- bigger and better version of the already enjoyable first film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the lighter-toned nature of this film trilogy frustrates and ultimately limits the thrills
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