Show Me What You Got: Movie Review

"Show Me What You Got" is unconventional in so many ways. Taken as a whole, the film will tackle numerous dilemmas that each one of us will or would have encountered in our more carefree and young days. This is not only a film about a polyamory or a ménage à trois and that in itself makes this relatable to those who enter it with an open-mind and an open-heart.
When a young woman and two young men accidentally meet in Los Angeles, a different kind of relationship suddenly grows. The three are Christine (Cristina Rambaldi), who is grieving her grandfather's recent death, Nassim (Neyssan Falahi) who is a struggling actor being forced to go back home to Iran by his dad, and Marcello (Mattia Minasi) who is living in the shadow of his famous and rich father. The three find joy and love being together, falling deeper and deeper into their unconventional love. But can their relationship last especially against the backdrop of each one's secret realities.
It would be easy to dismiss "Show Me What You Got" as too racy especially for those with a more conventional take on relationships. But like what we always do when we watch films, we always go with an open-mind to what we are going to experience in the next hours or so. Because that what makes movies beautiful - it makes its viewers experience worlds, places, things that they could never have imagined or even thought experiencing. In fact, it would be criminal to say that the film is only about having a "throuple" because it definitely isn't. More than the relationship our characters had for each other, the film takes on family, fears, death, even politics, and in fact, so much more - to the point that it became too broad and too wide. A lot of these topics will be cast aside as the narrative struggled on the weight of its own body of work. So while the film had a lot to talk about, it only really needed a handful to be really effective in what it wanted to say.
Visually, Svetlana Cvetko impresses with her camera work. Of course, shooting the film in black-and-white added to the allure but more than that, her shots were mightily impressive and full of life. More than the visuals, what surprised us was the film's excellent soundtrack. It would be easy to push this aspect aside but without the film's music being in tune with its visuals, the film wouldn't have worked at all.  Overall, "Show Me What You Got" really showed a lot. If you're in for an unconventional film then this film perfectly fits that mold.      
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- has a lot to say about life, love, and so much more
- the visuals and audio impresses a lot

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the narrative was heavy-handed and lacked focus
- the ending for us was forced and rushed

"Show Me What You Got" is now streaming in the Philippines through TBA Studios, iWantTFC,, Ticket2Me, and Upstream.
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