Sweet Girl: Movie Review

"Sweet Girl" is the typical Netflix release we have grown accustomed to. It showed some potential, it was a good time-waster, but at the end of the day, it had nothing special to offer - as much as it even wanted to force one into the mix. Its cookie-cutter and generic vibe just wasted the talent and brevity of its cast sadly.
Devastated by his wife's death due to cancer, Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa) vows to get real justice against the pharmaceutical company who pulled out  a potentially life saving and affordable cancer treatment to earn more profits. But his search for truth leads to a dangerous rabbit hole which puts him and his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced) in the crosshairs of very powerful people.
Are we the only ones who found it funny that "Sweet Girl" starts off with a scene featuring Jason Momoa jumping into a body of water? Even in a film unrelated to "Aquaman", they just had to feature Momoa swimming. In a more serious note though, "Sweet Girl" frustratingly could have been so much more. If its cast was any indication, this could have been a surprisingly deep and emotional film. But even Isabela Merced's stellar performance and the great father-daughter dunamic between her and Jason Momoa couldn't really salvage its underwhelming writing. The biggest issue for us probably was how the film flipped-flopped from one antagonist to another - while failing to establish a deep-seeded connection in each one. It's a he said-she said experience that falls flat time and time again as it tried to weave a tale of deceit without the proper character development and pacing to back it all up. Similarly, its late twist was of the same ilk. It was a surprise no doubt but one that felt unearned and a complete sucker punch out of nowhere. Additionally, as an action film, it was pretty tame. Most fights just lacked the dynamic and oomph that even the most generic action films could typically pull off. Sadly, there's little to love in "Sweet Girl" other than the performances of its leads.    
Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- this could be Jason Momoa's best performances
- Isabela Merced once again proves why even at a young age, she's one of our favorite actresses

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- outside the great acting and chemistry between the leads, everything else came off as a complete waste of time
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