Netflix's Sex Education Season 3 Review

With its third season, "Sex Education" seems to be transitioning from its original vision. Now that the clinic is definitely closed and our lead characters not really "helping" and "advising" others like they used to, "Sex Education" Season 3 has a bigger scope and bigger strokes in terms of its character slate. Was it for the better? It depends. But there's no denying that things are moving on fast from Moordale Secondary School and we actually like where this is leading to.
In the third season of "Sex Education", Moordale Secondary School has been dubbed as "Sex School". Wanting to clean-up the school's tarnished reputation, a new headmaster arrives and she vows that Moordale will retain its former excellence and glory. With it comes school uniforms and a strict rule that no sex is allowed. How can Otis, Eric, and the gang tackle this archaic way of thinking head-on?  
It's astounding what "Sex Education" has been able to achieve. Rarely does any franchise produce hit after hit and in this case, better and better with each release. But "Sex Education" has proven once again that its quirky formula is no fluke. The product is just that awesome. In this third season, what we most loved was how sex felt like a minor thing over the real-life drama and lessons within those initial kinks. Countless times we found ourselves emotionally, dramatically, and psychologically satisfied. There's a certain depth and nuance that just felt more mature this season. It's no surprise though that with a more open approach, there were characters that felt short-changed. There's just too many characters too tackle in an eight episode long series. Case in point, this season's overall antagonist, Hope Haddon, was sorely developed. For a character that seemed so integral to the season's overall arc, we barely get to know her. A couple of episodes attempt to bring some backstory but with how little time they gave her, we would rather they just did not force it at all. Even with its issues though, "Sex Education" is still as magical, deviant, and fantastic as the first day we saw it.    
Rating: 4 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- bigger and better and more mature

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- some characters felt short-changed
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