Old: Movie Review

It's the same old Shyamalan formula when it comes  to "Old" so expect some twisted twists and expect to see the man himself play a role in the film's story. But unlike his previous films which either works or simply fails spectacularly, for "Old" it was surprisingly neither. But as good as that may sound, it really isn't - "Old", like its protaginists, just had too much pace, too little time, to make its potentially awesome premise land. 
The Cappa family goes on a trip to a beautiful resort to help them unwind and bond together as a complete family one last time. One day, the resort's manager approaches them and offers to take them to a secluded private beach he secretly offers to guests he loves. The family accepts and are not disappointed when they arrive. But soon strange things happen as their young kids has significantly grown older in a short amount of time. Worse, they have no way to contact the outside world and seem to be unable to leave the beach's premises. Can they escape in time before they grow too old and die?
In an era where literally time stood still for most of the world, "Old" struck a chord somewhat. It was definitely designed to make you think, ponder, despair, inspire and hope - it all depends on how you interpret its themes. We could honestly say that "Old" could have been a classic with its basic framework. There are bits and pieces in the film that felt brilliant but those moments are fleeting and quick. The three biggest issues for us was the awkward over-acting, lackluster pacing, and writing. First, there was something about the actors that just didn't connect with us. Most performances just felt unnatural and disjointed. From the younger actors to the older ones, the film had this B-film vibe throughout its runtime. We're not sure if this was designed by Shyamalan but it wasn't a good decision if this was intentional. Second, the writing just sucked the life out of its themes. There are several topics that could have resonated with audiences emotionally and pscychologically but time and time again, the film just sucked the life and ontellect from those opportunities. We could probably pinpoint just one scene where it really worked out of the many instances the film threw at audiences. Finally, the signature twist, like Shyamalan's appearances, just need to disappear. Its expected, anticipated, dissapointing, and awkwardly concluded. Unfortnately, even with so much time at his hands, Shyamalan still sticks and forces to old ways that have grown old and tired.        
Rating: 2 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- there are a lot of themes here that will make audiences think about how they approach their lives

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- poor execution 
- the signature twist needs to go

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