Schumacher: Movie Review

Since Michael Schumacher's injury back in 2013, the world hasn't really gotten any information on his current state. And the dcoumentary, "Schumacher" doesn't really provide anything substantial when it comes to his recovery. But what the film does is give fans an indirect but satisfying closure - one that was emotional and makes viewers understand why.
As one of the most iconic sports icon the world has ever seen, this documentary relives the unlikely rise of Michael Schumacher in Formula 1, his quest to win a decades-long hampionship wait for Ferrari, his injury, and the impact it has brought to the ones who love him most.
There are two particular scenes that really struck a chord for us in "Schumacher". One was when Michael Schumacher himself was downplaying Senna's apparent coma which shouldn't have lead to his death and the very final scene of the documentary where the family speaks about Michael's current situation. The first one obvious given what happened to Schumacher in 2013. The second one because it brought so much light to what is most likely Schumacher's state and why there is little information given to the public. These scenes were so emotional and so powerful and makes this documentary a must-watch especially for Formula 1 fans in particular. As this is a film, it wasn't a surprise that the film focuses on particular moments of Schumacher's career. It's understandable that these moments were the most iconic of his exploits and the way they built it up was the best way they could have made it in our opinion. For us though, "Schumacher" critically not only focuses on the legend of Michael as a driver but also as a husband, as a father, and as a person.    
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- an intimate look into Michael Schumacher as a person
- provides closure on his current state

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- it focuses on certain parts of his career so don't expect it to explore everything that Michael Schumacher did

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