Get a Nintendo Switch and More Prizes When You Watch Anime on iQiyi

Get ready for a rewarding binge while watching the hottest animes on the iQiyi mobile app. From October 18, 2021 to November 16, 2021 you can score points every time you watch an anime. The more points you earn, the bigger chances you get to win a Nintendo Switch, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba figurines, Anime Mystery boxes and iQiyi VIP passes. 

Whether you’re an anime enthusiast or new to the world of anime, this is one of the best times to watch and catch up. All you need to do are three simple steps:

1. SIGN IN (iQiyi app only): Log in to the event page daily (equivalent to 10 points per day)

2. WATCH: Watch your favorite anime on iQiyi to accumulate points (capped at 150 points per day)

3. SHARE: Share iQiyi - Anime Watch & Win Event Page with family & friends (capped at 50 points per day)

Points collected for this Event are effective until 12:00 midnight of November 16, after which points that have not been used will be nullified and non-usable for point redemption. Users with enough points to redeem the prizes should do so within the Event period.

Winners of physical prizes need to fill in the mailing address (including: name, contact information, address etc.) in the relevant link sent by the iQiyi system days after receiving the SMS notice. Users who have not filled in the address within the required period shall be deemed to have given up the prize, which will not be mailed. Users who have redeemed a prize and filled out the contact information correctly should pay attention to the actual arrival date, which may be prolonged due to the Pandemic.

Participate in this Event through the official iQiyi app only. iQiyi shall not be liable, nor have any obligation to users who do not participate through the official channels. Terms and Conditions apply (view here)

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