Night Teeth: Movie Review

For a movie about revolving around a fantastical topic such as vampires, nothing in "Night Teeth" particularly made any sense. It's the kind of film you should enjoy because of the campiness and the silliness but honestly, even in those things, it just fell short.
Vampires and humans have existed for centuries. Before a centuries-old pact was made between the two species, humans were being hunted by vampires as prey. After the pact, humans and vampires have co-existed peacefully as the latter agreed to only feed on people who are willing and with consent. As time passed, most humans have forgotten about the reality of vampires while the latter have grown their influence and power behind the scenes. One of the vampires, Victor (Alfie Allen), decides to break this pact and all hell break's loose in modern-day Los Angeles, as humans and vampires once again go to war. 
At the very start of the film, the narrator declares that this ain't your typical vampire story and in fact, humans got it all wrong in films and books. But really, that setup was a complete lie as there's nothing particularly unique about "Night Teeth". While it may want to think it's different with its "romantic" twist, its ideas are a mish-mash of past films and writings about vampires. Admittedly, this film was fun when it decided to be an action film but these scenes are few and far between. The in-betweens was a mess as nothing here made any sense. For example, someone's hunting down vampire bosses all across Los Angeles and it seemed each boss, as powerful as they should have been, were completely oblivious to what was happening right before their eyes. The only real thing that we did enjoy in this film were the performances of the protagonists especially Lucy Fry as the crazy and eccentric Zoe. Overall, "Night Teeth" could have been so much better if it had more polish when it came to its writing and the action and its romcom twist doesn't really amount to anything. In fact, the film in particular doesn't amount to anything as a whole.
Rating: 1 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- it was visually-appealing at least
- we loved Lucy Fry's performance

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- amounts to nothing overall

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