Shoot! Shoot! Di Ko Siya Titigilan!: Movie Review

"Shoot! Shoot! Di Ko Siya Titigilan!" is one of those films that never should have been made in the first place. Its crass, dirty, and  exploitative humor should have been left in the past and we won't deny that it could make you laugh with its low-ball humor - but we seriously hope you check yourself if you find this kind of comedy top-notch entertainment. Nothing in this film makes sense and it was pretty obvious that it was made to entertain for those not actually looking for laughs.  
Jack (Andrew E.) is from a small town who dreams to be a famous actor. One day, he gets his big break and gets cast to be the leading man (who is a rich guy) in a new film. While practicing his lines back at home, a neighbor overhears him and thinks he is actually a billionaire in secret. Word quickly spreads about Jack's hidden riches and the whole town finds ways to lure Jack's interest towards them - including girls and goons. 
If we could best describe "Shoot! Shoot! Di Ko Siya Titigilan!" it was scene after scene of obscene, rude, and nonsensical "comedic" skits. It was a barrage of sexual innuendos and malicious scenarios that were barely funny. Characters will exploit or make themselves be exploited without any rhyme or reason - just for the sake of crude comedy. You would be better off watching "Bubble Gang" shorts on YouTube for free than pay for something similar or even worse in terms of quality. The writing was non-existent with the film feeling like it was cobbled together on the fly without any effort. The biggest red flag for us though was Andrew E. or at least how his character was supposed to be in the film. We have nothing against the guy but he looked as old as his parents in the film and he was supposed to be the same age as Aj Raval. What a weird thing to see a 50 year old play as a 20 year old without any attempts to alter his looks or modify his acting to accurately reflect that change. To be honest, it was cringy, awkward and even creepy at times. But what we really want to say is that the industry needs to do better than this and we as paying viewers need to demand for better content. This was a film made with no effort, exploitations abound, with dated direction, and with little or no comedic quality as a basic minimum. In fact, there's nothing wrong about making comedies with crass, rude, silly, or even rated-R content, a lot of our favorite comedies are nonsensical and silly, but this was definitely not the way to do it at all.
Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- there's no redeeming factor for this film. One of the worst we have seen in years

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- crude and crass "comedy"
- will make you feel dirty for watching it
- the film was the kind that was obviously made with little or no effort

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