There's Someone Inside Your House: Movie Review

If you're familiar with "Scream" then "There's Someone Inside Your House" will feel all-too-familiar. Unfortunately, "There's Someone Inside Your House" doesn't have the same nuances and the same quality as the film it's trying to hearken to. The experience starts out strong but just falters near its end with it inconsistent writing and unrelatable characters. 
As the countdown to graduation begings in Osborne High, the quiet lives of its students are suddenly shattered with a gruesome murder involving their high school team's quarterback. At the same time the murder happened, the killer also released a scathing video that the victim was secretly hiding from everyone else. Still confused if they should grieve or hate the victim, another murder happens with similar circumstances to the first one. Knowing that a serial killer is on the loose, the students of Osborne High are on high alert. Can they stop the killer before they kill them and reveal their deepest and darkest secrets too? 
Our biggest issue with "There's Someone Inside Your House" was rooted on how it improperly develops the characters around its story. There's just this aloofness throughout the film that we couldn't shake off. In essence, we couldn't find ourselves becoming involved and interested with them. Characters were introduced and simply cast aside - even those that eventually played a critical role in how the mystery evolved and unveiled its secrets. And yes, a lot of these high school kids will be killed, but the lack of any emotional attachments to these kills should be a huge red flag. Even with its main character Makani Young (played by Sydney Park), we were hard-pressed to relate with her even at a  basic level. And characters in film also reflect this aloofness as they really didn't show any emotions when friends and schoolmates got murdered. In short, the film focuses too much on kills more than building up a foundation to make these kills have the right impact to viewers. Much of these problems do arise around the halfway point, when the film had to eventually reveal its narrative. Expect to enjoy the first 45 minutes but rather hate the climactic points. 
Rating: 3 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the first half was enjoyable
- as a mindless slasher, this could work as a quick time-waster

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- under-baked characters meant that kills lacked that essential emotional punch

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