WATCH: JIRISAN Releases First Episode Trailer Ahead of Its October 23 Release Date

iQiyi Original Korean drama series "JIRISAN" starring Gianna Jun and Ju Ji-hoon, and created by director Lee Eung-bok and writer Kim Eun-hee, presents the latest trailer for its first episode - ahead of its October 23. 2021 release date (5 days from now). The gripping edit features national park rangers Gianna Jun and Ju Ji-hoon racing against time and putting their lives on the line to save trapped victims. The trailer also unveils the creepy and msterious ability of  Ju Ji-hoon.

Jirisan’s production crew remarked that Ju Ji-hoon was the most suitable candidate to play rookie ranger Kang Hyun-jo who is passionate and upright, but has a tragic past and a secret to keep. Writer Kim Eun-hee also tailored parts of the character to highlight Ju’s personal charisma.
On the other hand, Gianna Jun brings to life the many faces of her character Seo Yi-gang. At times she appears uptight and solemn and on occasions her mischievous smile spreads positive energy. Jun also comforts a loved one of someone in need of search and rescue. Jun and her encounters with all who climb the peak as well as her park ranger teammates are sure to make for stories to look forward to.
In addition to the stellar cast and crew, the series' production studio Astory also surprised fans by announcing that Jin, star of Korean idol group BTS is set to sing the series’ main theme OST. 
"Jirisan" follows the team of national park rangers who are responsible for search and rescue on Jirisan. Experienced ranger (played by Gianna Jun) and rookie ranger (played by Ju Ji-hoon) are set to unravel the secrets of the peak. The iQiyi Original K-series will exclusively simulcast with Korea on the iQiyi International app or worldwide.

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