Here's the Full Scoop on the Just Concluded STRANGER THINGS DAY 2021

Did you know that November 6th is officially "Stranger Things Day"? The day is celebrated by fans of the series all over the world  as the day that started it all — when Will Byers went missing and turned the world upside down. This year the celebration was extra special with Season 4 teases and exclusive content shared on Netflix's social channels, live fan experiences, and limited edition merchandise. If you missed one of the big reveals or want to re-watch any of the exclusive reveals then we've got you covered:

"Stranger Things 4 Teaser: Welcome to California"

"Hawkins Map" Explore the world of Stranger Things like never before with the first official map of Hawkins, created by artist Kyle Lambert.

Stranger Things 4 Title Tease: Get a sneak peek at the Stranger Things 4 episode titles ahead of the Summer 2022 premiere. 

Retail Pop-Up Tour 
Join Randy Havens (Mr. Clarke) on a tour of our first-ever Stranger Things pop-up stores now open in New York City’s Times Square and at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles. These retail experiences will offer fans access to unique memorabilia and merchandise as well as the chance to journey through iconic show locations like Joyce’s house, the Palace Arcade, Starcourt Mall, the Russian Lab, the Upside Down, and Hawkins High. Sign up to visit HERE. Items are available in select cities in the US only.

How We Stranger Things Day Spotlight 
An inside look at how to celebrate the day from some of our amazing creators and collectors. Great inspo for next year or any day you want to celebrate Stranger Things! 

Cast Transformations
From streetwear to stranger, watch the cast transform into their new looks for Stranger Things 4.  

Tune in Summer 2022 for "Stranger Things 4", only on Netflix. 
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