Crush Kong Curly: Movie Review

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As each month passes, the new local movies that VivaMax has been pumping out are getting worse and worse and "Crush Kong Curly" is pretty much close to it. This is a softcore porn film and nothing else. This is the kind of film that knew that it had to feature porn and forced to write a barebones feature length story to accompany that idea.  
Ellah (AJ Raval) has been doing well as her online alter ego Elle. Elle stripteases online and receives a lot of praises and money in return. Her so-called "fame" has been doing well untril her room's wall collapses which puts a stop to her online videos instantly. Luckily, her next door neighbor Peter (Wilbert Ross) is an architect who offers to help her with the repairs. The two instantly develop a liking for each other but they have different outlooks in life. Peter is a former seminarist who is very conservative. Can the two find a middle ground just for love?
To give this film a rating, even a 0, at that hurts us. Because in truth, we gve this film a shot and unfortunately, our initial apprehensions came true and even worse. This is the kind of film we have to stop supporting before it really hurts the local film industry. It's the kind of cheap and dirty entertainment that we have learned to control and to stop for the past decade but it's sad to see that slowly but surely, these films are making a comeback. We must admit, the film had some acceptable jokes and tried to put a spin on the possible values of women empowerment and sex work. But you know you'd be kidding yourself if this was really their intention. This was a porn film first and selling sex was first priority. So don't expect that "romance comedy" spin to be anything but dumb and useless. Overall, "Crush Kong Curly" is the film that really showed us that we are in a very treacherous path and it seems that its blatant content from start to finish is a red flag that we are possibly at a point of no return.
Rating: 0 reels


Why you should watch it:
- if you want sex scenes upon sex scenes then you might like this film

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- this is literally porn masking as a movie
- we should stop supporting these kinds of films

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