Sanggano, Sanggago't Sanggwapo 2: Aussie! Aussie! (O Sige!): Movie Review

You have to applaud the consistency of VivaMax when it comes to producing trash. Week after week, we get a new film that not only is a complete waste of time but objectifies and exploits women blatantly. It is no surprise then that VivaMax wants to end 2021 with a bang with "Sanggano, Sanggago't Sanggwapo 2: Aussie! Aussie! (O Sige!)" (of which we will now label as "SSS2" for the rest of the review). This film, like many of the recent VivaMax release, doesn't deserve your money, effort, and time. 
Andy (Andrew E.), Johnny (Janno Gibbs), and Dondon (Dennis Padilla) are friends who work for an insurance company. Due to their tardiness and workplace antics, they are fired from their jobs. Desperate to save their source of income, the trio try to convince their friend who just returned in the Philippines to purchase an insurance from them. Instead he reveals that he has no money left as he just bought a resort. Now without jobs, Andy, Johnny, and Dondon have no choice but to join their friend as they try to run a resort without any idea what the heck they are getting themselves into. 
Being an Al Tantay film, we were expecting this to be the kind of film you feel dirty after watching and "SSS2" mightily delivers in this regard. From the very first scene, the film sets up the "tone" properly as it propels corny and dated jokes proudly delivered by our lead trio. But this first scene was probably the only "clean" scene in the film because after that, it was all-out dirty affair from there on then. In fact, the film's main driving conflict was pitting bosses and employees against each other as they compete on who gets to exploit their women co-workers first. Like recent VivaMax releases, "SSS2" banks on sex and dirty jokes for its entertainment factor and it's really up to you if you find this kind of comedy fun. For us, this was old, tired, and should be completely retired. Why are we even trying to resurrect a 90s film trend that's shameful and outdated?  "SSS2" will provide you bad jokes, exploitative content, and a non-existent narrative. There's really no redeeming factor here and let's hope that this is the last film in this film franchise. 
Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if dirty old men jokes are your thing

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- non-existent story
- this isn't art, this is trash

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