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We rarely get really emotionally-moved when it comes to film experiences nowadays but even with its formulaic story, "Encanto" still gave us that dramatic high. If it won't grab you with its well-architectured drama then it will surely captivate you with its strong visuals, music, characters or a mix of all of these.
In a hidden village in the mountains of Colombia, the Madrigals have protected the people within it as their family has been given an magical blessing - with it comes a magical house and a blessing of unique magical powers for every child in the family except for one - Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). But the powerless Mirabel is the first to notice that the magic of the Encanto is in danger and cracks are starting to show within the house's walls. Mirabel decides to find out the cause of this and to save her family's and Encanto's blessing from disappearing forever.
We expect great animated experiences from Disney and "Encanto" is no exception. In fact, one of our issues with the film was it came off as manufactured at times and there's a been there, done that vibe to its narrative. Yes, the setting was different and the Colombian culture, music, and setting was one of the film's strongest points, but remove that Colombian exterior and you'll see what we're talking about it coming off as generic. And related to that, the film had a rocky pace to it. The story moved pretty quick and there was not much time given to develop the relationship of Mirabel with her family members. Some could argue that that is the point, that Mirabel was an outcast, but it didn't really spell that out that well if that's the case. And there's no denying that the film's resolution was also heavily-rushed.
Pacing issues aside, "Encanto" was awesome in every other aspect. From its visuals to its soundtrack, we cannot really pick which was one better as both were equally stunning on their own merits. The performances in partifular left as stunned each and every time a musical number happened. Even with its deficiencies, "Encanto" found a way to tug at our hearts in a very genuine way and that's pretty amazing in its own right.  
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- strong visuals, soundtrack, and musical numbers.

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- has that manufactured vibe to it
- the narrative had pacing issues

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