Hugas: Movie Review

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We're barely two weeks into the new year and VivaMax is once again back to their old ways. It's title alone "Hugas" (or "Wash" in English) doesn't have any context to what we get in the film and it's a clear pun on sexy sounding words. It's an indication that VivaMax once again prioritizes sex over anything else on this film and you know what you'll get when you press that play button - nothing but a dumb film that overhypes its sexiness.
Ex-gang members and newlyweds Al (Sean de Guzman) and Liezl (AJ Raval) has had enough of their life of crime. Wanting to start over, they decide to run away from their ex-boss Dencio (Jay Manalo) without his blessing. But Dencio is a vengeful man and will go to the ends of the earth to find them. Can the two lovers find a way out of their abusive cage?
This takes the cake for being stupid. There's one particular scene in the movie where the gang goes on a bank heist and you know what happens? In the middle of the robbery, Sean de Guzman and Stephanie Raz who plays a bank teller has sex. This is the kind of sex-driven drivel that VivaMax dares to produce and pump out nowadays. There's no story, there's no character development, nothing in this film that really makes an effort to be entertaining other than having that ocassional sex scene. It's too much that it's not even sexy anymore - it's disgusting. Worse, outside Jay Manalo, there's no one in this film that really came off as a great actor. AJ Raval and Sean de Guzman came off as awkward and wooden as crooks and we're definitely seeing Raval in particular showing the "limitations" of her acting chops. The only good thing that we really saw in the film was Roman Perez Jr.'s colorful and vibrant cinematography. The director was able to not only make this film's visuals pop but he also employed some creative shots that we didn't expect. But we digress, we really cannot rate a film on visuals (cinematography or flesh) alone and "Hugas" has only visuals on its sleeve. The film dares talk about politicians stealing while it's obvious who is doing a highway robbery of the local film industry and the hard-earned cash of viewers nowadays.   
Rating: 0 reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you're the type who just wants those sex scenes

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- literally has nothing to offer in terms of story or characters
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