WATCH: Netflix Releases Teaser Trailer for Korean Zombie Series ALL OF US ARE DEAD

"Help is not coming." Netflix unveils the teaser trailer for its upcoming Korean zombie series "All of Us Are Dead" centered around a school and city swarmed with zombies and swept by chaos. "All of Us Are Dead" is a story about students trapped in a school amid a zombie virus outbreak who will join hands to fight for survival.

The teaser trailer vividly outlines the mayhem that strikes a school after a mysterious zombie virus originates within it. The zombie horde grows quickly and spreads across classrooms, the cafeteria, and the schoolyard, reaching every corner of the school. Finding themselves completely trapped,  Cheong-san and his friends desperately seek rescue but not a single person believes that the zombie outbreak is real. There is no sign of rescue, and to make matters worse, all connections to the outside world is lost. The students finally realize that “we’re the only people that can save ourselves", and decide to fight against the zombies in ways that they can. The goal is to find their way out of the school while making sure every single person stays alive. 
"All of Us Are Dead"premieres on January 28, 2022 - only on Netflix. 
About Netflix:
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