Celebrate the Arrival of the Year of the Water Tiger with these WeTV C-Drama Offerings

Let's all hope that with the start of the Year of the Water Tiger, it’s going to be a prosperous year of luck and good fortune for all of us. To help us all celebrate, WeTV offers its exclusive binge-watch worthy Chinese dramas to check out: 

City of Streamer
Set in Shanghai at the beginning of the 20th century. Warlords are seizing power where they could. One of them is the Rong family, who use their wealth and influence to cover up heinous crimes. In the middle of it, heroes emerge and revolutionary movements are stirring. Feng Shizhen is among those who embark on a quest for justice and revenge. She takes a position as tutor to the young master Rong Jiashang. When they fall in love, the star-crossed lovers are forced to face the most difficult truths as they fight to stay together.  City Of Streamer stars Jing Tian, Xu Weizhou, Chao Jing, Karina Hai, Keanu Chi and Faye Wang. 

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Love at First Taste
For those in the mood for romantic dramas with a touch of the supernatural, WeTV serves up Love At First Taste. Zhang Feifei plays Ou Zeye, a half-human and half vampire businessman, and Pan Yuetong plays Tong Xiaoman, a college student majoring in drama. The two are mysteriously drawn to each other, embarking on a road towards forbidden love. Will they be able to surpass the challenges of coming from two different worlds and find happiness?

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Love You To Another Star
They say love can be transcend time and space. The Chinese love story Love You To Another Star starring Ma Haodong, Zhao Jingyi, and Zhang Yameng truly delivers on this plotline. Xing Xing is a young shop owner with a bright personality. When she is abducted by TianTing Xing, she finds herself in a secretive Celestial Star sect that has been in existence for over 5,000 years. As she learns more about the Celestial Stars, she not only learns an unexpected truth about herself but also falls in love with Yu Tianqi, the alien prince. As forces fight against them, XingXing and Tianqi cling to each other for the sake of love and happiness.

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Hello, The Sharpshooter
When it comes to love, timing can be everything, at least according to Hello, The Sharpshooter, the new drama streaming from February 02 on WeTV. Xing Fei stars as Tang Xin, a reporter-in-training sent to interview the Chinese national pistol-shooting team headed for the Olympics. First on her list is Yuan Shen Qing (Hu Yi Tian), an old flame from high school. What Tang Xin did not expect was how cold and dismissive he would be towards her. What she didn’t know was how her presence was affecting Yuan Shen Qing’s on the field. The longer she’s around, the more feelings she is waking up in him. Could Olympic gold come with a side of love this time around? The series is directed by Liu Yi Zhi. 

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She And her Perfect Husband
WeTV Brand Ambassador Yang Mi and Xu Kai (of Falling Into Your Smile fame) deliver on all the drama and the romance in their latest series, She And her Perfect Husband. The story revolves around the ambitious young lawyer Qin Shi who joins a firm who favors married lawyers. She gets in because her brother changes her status to “married” in her application. Before she can reveal her lie, her “husband” Yang Hua makes an appearance. Will this all this make believe eventually lead to true love? The series premieres in early February.

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