Jollibee Studios Unveils MY CRUSH IS A CACTUS KILLLER Starring Gigi de Lana and Raphael Balaccua

If you thought Jollibee Studios has already brought enough kilig moments this Valentine's then you'll be surprised that they have another trilogy about love. On February 28, the fast-food chain, will officially stream its newest creation My Crush is A Cactus Killer - a three-part series that follows the story of two people who found a joyful connection that carried them through the toughest times in their lives.

Directed by acclaimed Filipino film director, Sigrid Bernardo, My Crush is A Cactus Killer features up-and-coming artists Gigi De Lana and Raphael Balaccua. The two will give life to the characters of Mandy (Gigi) and Mikey (Raphael) both of whom share a love for plants--a plantita and a plantito--but that is not the only thing they have in common: both have faced setbacks in their professional and personal lives due to the pandemic. As they try to put the pieces of their lives back together and weather through an uncertain situation, will a shared love of plants make them discover that love can make change easier?

“It’s a universal experience to go through a change, especially in the pandemic, but even though we say 'everyone goes through it', it doesn’t take away the fact that pain and loss is a difficult feeling,” said Arline Adeva, AVP and Head of Brand Communications, PR and Digital Marketing at Jollibee. “What we want to communicate through this new Jollibee Studios series is that hope and true joy could be found if we remain open to all the possibilities that these changes can lead us to.”

Through Jollibee Studios’ exclusive branded content for entertainment, it has captured the hearts of many people with true people and their real-life encounters at the heart of its stories. With My Crush is A Cactus Killer, the brand aims to spread hope, inspiration, and joy to people amid changing times.

Watch the latest and first ever mini-series exclusively available on the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel.
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