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"Kimi" is the kind of film that's a rare breed nowadays. Instead of continuous expositions, we slowly discover our lead character's predicaments through experiencing what she sees, hear, and feel. It's the kind of character discovery that reels you in and feels natural. While not everything in "Kimi" works, it's straightforward and simple story-telling and character development was something that surprises and audiences will appreciate. 
During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in Seattle, Angela (Zoë Kravitz) who works for the company Amygdala and is agoraphobic, discovers a recording of a possible crime. As she reports the evidence to her bosses, she finds out that the company wants to avoid any scandal as they are about to go public. But her persistence pays off as she finally gets a chance to present evidence - the only catch she must do this in person. Forcing herself out of her house, her greatest fears might just come true as real dangers lurk in her midst. 
"Kimi" starts off slow. The first half hour or so was dedicared to of finding out who our lead character Angela is. Her agoraphobia, her struggles with the pandemic, her moralities and conviction. All of these are presented in a manner that's not said but actually shown. And we loved that aspect even if it slowed down the action and the tension. It's the kind of pacing and character development that feels earned and satisfying and natural - like getting to know someone by spending time with them. Another thing that we loved about "Kimi" was its cinematography. It's just different especially the shots that featured Angela in the outside world. The camera work felt kinetic to what our character was probably feeling deep inside her as she struggled to walk amongst her fears. But as much as the film felt unique in its approach, the actual narrative of "Kimi" was its biggest letdown. For us, it's good that the story was simple and easy-to-follow but its simplicity also meant that it was predictable and generic. Additionally, the film felt low-budget at times. Some of the supporting cast just didn't feel that they were the best actors to portray their characters. Overall though, we were surprised by how "Kimi" was able to make us feel agoraphobic or tensed even in its most mundane moments. It's different but the good kind of different.
Rating: 3 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- camera work and cinematography was unique
- great character buildup

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- the story was a letdown
- felt low budget at times
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