MARRY ME Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez Opens February 9, 2022 in PH Cinemas

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson star in the romance film "Marry Me" which promises to be the 21st century version of "Roman Holiday" meets "Notting Hill". In the film, Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) is half of the sexiest celebrity power couple on Earth with musician Bastian (Maluma). As Kat and Bastian’s inescapable hit single, “Marry Me,” climbs the charts, they are about to be wed before an audience of their fans in a ceremony that will be streamed across multiple platforms. Then there’s divorced high-school math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) who has been dragged to the concert by his daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman) and his best friend Parker (Sarah Silverman). When Kat learns, seconds before the ceremony, that Bastian has cheated on her, her life turns left as she has a meltdown on stage, questioning love, truth and loyalty.

"Marry Me" proposes that if what you know lets you down, then perhaps what you don’t know is the answer, and so, in a moment of inspired insanity, Kat chooses to marry Charlie. What begins as an impulsive reaction evolves into an unexpected romance. But as forces conspire to separate them, the universal question arises: Can two people from such different worlds bridge the gulf between them and build a place where they both belong?
As fantastical as the premise for the film may seem at first, film director Kat Coiro shares that many of the greatest true love stories often started in improbable, or impossible, ways. “When it comes to love, nothing is truly impossible. When you start asking people how they met their partner, you’ll hear these stories that seem like everything had to line up for that relationship to happen,” Coiro says. “Beneath all the wildness of this story, these are just two people meeting and falling in love, which happens every day.”

Jennifer Lopez immediately connected with Kat and the film’s themes on multiple levels. “I understand this life,” Lopez says. “The film is literally going behind the veil of what it’s like to be a celebrity.”

Save-the-date! A Universal Pictures International release, "Marry Me" will open in Philippine cinemas starting February 9.

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