Michael Bay's AMBULANCE Opens March 16, 2022 in PH Cinemas Nationwide

Michael Bay's latest action thriller "Ambulance" takes Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal Emmy winner Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza Gonzales across the streets of LA under scorching heat in an intense high-speed, breakneck chase with the authorities after a bank heist turned awfully wrong. 

In "Ambulance". Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal), a career criminal, plans the biggest bank heist in Los Angeles’ history. With him is his brother Will (Yahya Abdul- Mateen II) who is desperately trying to raise money for his wife’s medical bills. Confident of his plan, Danny takes Will to be his designated driver and most trusted ally in what could be the last and most dangerous heist he will take on. Soon enough, with all crew, vehicles and weapons in place, Danny’s team sets out in stealth for the 32-million-dollar bank theft in broad daylight.  But unforeseen incidents derail their plan that results in an all-out battle of brawn and wits against the police force. The brothers soon encounter an ambulance driven by Cam Thompson (Ezra Gonzalez) with a wounded cop. Escaping a massive and merciless hunt from the authorities, Danny and Will execute the craziest of escapes while trying to keep the injured hostage cop and the ambulance driver safe and alive.  
A Universal Pictures International release, Ambulance opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide starting March 16 - a few weeks ahead of its planned US release.
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