Turning Red: Movie Review

"Turning Red" was an awesome experience. It was fantastical in a unique way and it even introduced animation that we would never have expected from a Pixar release if we're being honest. This was cute, brave, and even so much adult in one neat package.

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Thirteen-year-old Chinese-Canadian Mei (Rosalie Chiang) has always found the balance between doing her own thing while still respecting the traditions of her family especially the strict rules set by her overprotective mom Ming (Sandra Oh). But when she begins to have feelings towards one of her peers, her mom embarrasses Mei which prompts her to become extremely angry. When Mei wakes up the next day, she discovers that she has turned into a giant red panda and the only way to become human again is to control her emotions. 
Unsurprisingly, our favorite bit in "Turning Red" was its animation. True to Pixar's quality, this film was flying high with its animation quality. Not only was it detailed and perfect but Pixar surprised us with its animation feeling like it could have come straight from an anime. The uber-expressive and cute expressions the characters made had us laughing out loud time and time again. Another win for "Turning Red" was the quality of its voice cast. Rosalie Chiang's upbeat and humor-filled take on Mei was the perfect mix of attitude that her character needed to really stand out. Aside from its voice cast and script, the film's soundtrack was also one of our favorites. Let's just say that anyone over 30 will probably find it nostalgic while anyone younger could probably relate it to more recent pop bands like BTS. 
Its narrative doesn't disappoint as it was well-balanced and tackled topics that we never expected to be tackled in an animated film. This was mature in so many levels. But here's where the film also takes a tumble. Some points in the film just came off as flat and this lacked that emotional gut punch and high that we expected from it. Considering how well-made the other bits of "Turning Red" was, its narrative was a disappointment. Overall though, "Turning Red" still is a highly-recommended film from us. It may not be the best Pixar release ever but it was still so much better than your run-of-the-mill animated release.        
Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the voice cast especially Rosalie Chiang was outstanding
- this film was both family-oriented and mature at the same time

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- lacks that emotional high that we expect from a Pixar release

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