Choose or Die (CURS>R): Movie Review

Choose or Die (CURS>R) Movie Review: Choosing to watch this will be a waste of time

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We have to admit that the premise of "Choose or Die" actually had a lot of potential to be great. And knowing that Asa Butterfield was part of the cast, we had high hopes that the film will be a sleeper hit. But unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The film just had bad writing and it clearly made things up along the way. The clear lack of vision, horror, and subpar chemistry and acting prowess from the cast meant that this is another Netflix release destined to be forgotten for good.

When Kayla (Iola Evans), a broke college student, discovers a game called "CURS>R" and finds out that it contains a $125,000 unclaimed prize, she instantly tries to play the obscure and decades old game. With the help of her smart friend Isaac (Asa Butterfield), Kayla things that this will be easy money for them. But once she starts the game, she realizes that the game has sadistic and deathly implications in real-life. Can Kayla find a way out of the game's seemingly unbreakable curse?

The only saving grace we can really eke out of "Choose or Die" is that it has that distinct cult-like quality that some people may find interesting and amusing after a few years. If you're into silly B-movies then you might actually enjoy "Choose or Die". But for us, this film was shockingly bad even for Netflix standards. The film was just hastily written, shot, and created with little care or love - or so it seemed. In any case, there were very few scenes that actually impressed us as most just had this overtly-cheap vibe to it. Don't get us wrong, we're into absurd films like "Choose or Die" but this simply lacked any cohesion and charm. The last half in particular was just a mess and a complete mish-mash of ideas thrown right into the audiences' faces. And don't get us started with the acting as this was probably the worst aspect in the film. Luckily, "Choose or Die" was very short so the suffering starts and ends fast. 

Rating: 1 and a half reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you're into B-movies, then "Choose or Die" easily fits the bill

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- had bad writing that wasn't convincing at all
- most of the cast just didn't have acceptable performances
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