JustWatch.com Releases Its Q1 2022 Data Revealing the Top Streaming Services in the Philippines

Have you always wondered what's the most popular streaming service in the Philippines? We think most people would easily say its Netflix and if we follow JustWatch.com's Q1 2022 data then most of us are correct as Netflix has topped the charts with a 31% interest share and further strengthening its lead as it grew 2% from the previous quarter - against the recently published data that Netflix, at least globally, lost at least 200,000 subscribers.

Most people would probably find it more interesting who was second place onwards with iFlix and Amazon Prime Video leading the rest of the streaming services in the country. While Viu grew the most with an increase of 3% (1% more than Netflix). 

What do you think and do you agree? did your favorite streaming service make the list?

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