Doblado: Movie Review

Doblado Movie Review: Double the Sex Doesn't Mean Double the Fun

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We've never been fans of VivaMax's sensual romps throughout the past year. Just because these erotic offerings that they have been churning out has been made out of poor taste. We're not asking for arthouse type of films but when narrative and writing goes down the drain, that is what really gets us. Speaking of "Doblado", this was another kind of those experiences and maybe one of the worst culprits in VivaMax's long list of shitty releases. And literally this time, there's double the sex and double the face palms. This film was bent too much towards sex that to enjoy it, viewers should instantly classify this as porn instead. 

Jaira (Denise Esteban) is a college student by day but a high-class prostitute by night who hides by her username Ishstar88. Her latest client, Ronan (Josef Elizalde), who is still grieving the sudden death of his girlfriend Sophie, takes a liking to her as she somewhat reminds him of Sophie. As time passes by, Jaira genuinely takes a liking for the kind and gentlemanly Ronan. But her backer doesn't want to let go of her. Can She and Ronan find a way out of her double life?

At the film's climactic scene, we found ourselves bursting into laughter. The film just threw out a bombshell that seemed like it was written as a joke (or conjured by a kid). But it just showed how Viva Films and VivaMax just doesn't care at this point. In their minds, only sex sells (and they could be right) and all amount of effort going to other than sex is going to be a waste. Sadly, for the audience, this means that "Doblado" will be an affair wherein  a very specific subset of audience will barely enjoy it while most will consider it as complete and utter trash. It's frustrating because we know VivaMax can and should do better. They have churned out acceptable sensual films in the past few months - not great films but not bad either. But "Doblado" was a complete devolution. Is it so hard to ask for good writing and believable narratives as a minimum?

Rating: No reels

Why you should watch it:
- if you're into softcore porn then you'll probably like this mind-numbing experience

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- literally has no story or proper character development
- this was literally an all-sex affair

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