LOOK: Top Baguio Sights as Featured in THE BROKEN MARRIAGE VOW

There's a reason why Baguio has been the "Summer Capital" of the Philippines. If it's not the cool breeze then the pine trees and gorgeous mountain views will hit the right feels. It's no surprise then that one of the biggest hit drama series, "The Broken Marriage Vow" (starring Jodi Sta. Maria, Zanjoe Marudo, and Sue Ramirez), available right now has featured Baguio heavily. Almost every episode lands on the trending pages of social media platforms and the show has become so popular it’s now one of the top titles on streaming platform Viu.  

Here are a few of the series’ most iconic filming locations in the City of Pines:

Burnham Park
Located in downtown Baguio, Burnham Park is the city’s most famous park. Here, you can go boating on colorful swan boats, people-watch by the lake, even ride a bike. If you’re Dr. Jill, however, the park designed by Daniel Burnham may just be the perfect place for you to take a walk to clear your mind — and maybe plan your revenge — after discovering your husband is into some monkey business.

Camp John Hay
Surrounded by pine trees, fresh air, and the most amazing log cabins, Camp John Hay is a no-brainer must-visit for anyone visiting Baguio. To really complete the healing nature-filled experience, go enjoy the green scene and have a meal in Chef Billie King’s Le Chef Restaurant at the Manor.

Camp John Hay is more than just a sanctuary for our The Broken Marriage Vow family — in fact, it’s where most of the drama goes down.

White House of the Lord of Scents
In real life, the White House of the Lord of Scents is the abode of fragrance mogul Joel Cruz in Camp John Hay. While not a public tourist destination, it has become an attraction of its own because of its signature floor-to-ceiling windows that highlight its sweeping spiral staircase.

This is also where the show’s most iconic scene (colloquially called the batukan scene) happens. Knowing her husband is cheating with the daughter of the wealthy Luceros, Jill decides to invite themselves to dinner at the Lucero house for a grand confrontation.

Baguio Country Club
This is where Lexy Lucero’s parents often meet Jill — either as friends hanging out over lunch or in later episodes as enemies trading barbs as they are too civilized to go at each other’s throats.

The famous 117-year-old landmark isn’t just home to the best raisin bread and banana bread in the country, it also offers some of Baguio's most breathtaking views! 

Photo credits: Baguio Country Club

Kennon Road
While definitely picturesque, Kennon Road is also among the country’s most hazardous thoroughfares. Cliffs bracket the narrow road, making for a very steep fall if one is not careful. The tragedy snaking through this beauty fits the outwardly perfect Ilustre family finally succumbing to its own troubles.

In a scene shot along Kennon Road, Gio confronts his mother for not having time for him while Jill tries to console him. Jill soon realizes the gravity of the situation, now taking a toll on her conflicted child. It’s a raw moment that zooms in on children often becoming the biggest victims of a broken family.

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