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RRR Movie Review: Ridiculous, Riveting, Refreshing

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"RRR" is the kind of film that is so ridiculous, it turned out to be so unique and so good. It's literally balls-to-the-walls, over-the-top in every sense possible from its action, characters, set pieces, music and dance numbers, and story. And while we usually hate these kinds of non-sensical big screen experiences, "RRR" had us laughing out loud while respecting its characters along the way. 

In 1920, British Governor Scott Buxton and his wife Catherine forcefully take away Malli, a young girl from the Gond tribe. The tribe's protector Komaram Bheem heads off to Delhi in search of the missing girl. The Indian police officer A. Rama Raju volunteers to catch Bheem in order to get a promotion that he knows he cannot achieve in normal circumstances because of his race. The governor's wife agrees to Raju's proposal as long as he can capture the elusive Bheem alive.

If we could best describe "RRR", it would be closest to the 2004 film "Kung Fu Hustle". The action, fight sequences, and mind-blowing plot armor from its heroes and villains were absurd. Don't expect to see realistic choreography, and in fact, its physics-defying fights make Marvel fight scenes look like they were shot in real-life instead. This extreme theme can be found everywhere else in the film. Its running time is more than three hours long, it has dance numbers, it has romance (bromance in fact), and a whole lot of unexpected comedy. This film had all the writings to be utterly bad but it all works out to be utterly great. Making this a foreign film experience maybe helped in accepting its exotic takes and we're all for it. "RRR", even with its sheer ridiculousness, was written well. We actually cared for Bheem and Raju and their friendship. It had great pacing crafting a narrative that had a lot of surprises and twists. It was actually nuanced even with its not-so-serious exterior. You could take "RRR" for what it is as a brainless epic action film but it is also more than that. "RRR" was a whole lot of weird but in an extremely great way. If you've got three hours to burn, this is one of the better ways to do it.

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- this was a whole lot of weird but in an extremely great way
- its brainless and nuanced at the same time

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- some may find its over-the-top take a little bit too much
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