Secrets: Movie Review

Secrets Movie Review: The Secrets Were Actually Tantalizing

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With a well-balanced approach in presenting the actual secrets of its characters and its more titillating side, "Secrets" was actually a quite acceptable film experience. The sex here wasn't over-bearing and most were critical in evolving its mysteries further. Unfortunately, lackluster character development meant that we only get a taste of what could have been a deeper look into its complicated set of characters.

Christian (Benz Sangalang) and Janine (Janelle Tee) who escapes the city to find time to sort out their relationship problems. The isolated and quiet beach house seemed the perfect venue to be alone together. But soon, another guest arrive who is the nephew of one of the caretakers. The nephew, Leo (Felix Roco), is on a short vacation from the Middle East where he works as an engineer. He also has an intimate relationship with one of the locals, Felina (Denise Esteban). Janine, on the onset, feels that Leo isn't a good person but Christian thinks the opposite. As the three spend more time together, both discover that Leo is really a cunning and deceptive person who just might corrupt and end their fragile relationship.

Frustratingly, "Secrets" could have been a whole lot better with a little more care for its writing. It has all the elements to be great. The first thing that really stood out were the actors. From Benz Sangalang to Denise Esteban, each one had great and relatable performances that isn't the typical quality we expect from VivaMax's sensual film offerings. On top of that, the script was also surprisingly well-written. The banter between characters were the heart and soul of this film and showed a lot of the contrasting aspects for each against another one. Though we have to admit, a few of these quips were a bit too heavy-handed and corny. Unfortunately, the story and the character development was barebones and non-existent. The backstories of each character were interesting but never fully unveiled. In fact, there are key climactic reveals that came out of nowhere. From example, we wanted to know why Christian did what he did with Leo. It also felt like the character of Denise Esteban was out of place. The film could have stood on its own with just a threesome between Christian, Janine, and Leo. Overall, "Secrets" isn't perfect but it isn't a dumb erotic film either. That for us at least is a small win.       

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- the script and acting were great

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- lacks character development 
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