Fanny: The Right to Rock: Movie Review

Fanny: The Right to Rock Movie Review: This Rocks Hardcore

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Right after watching "Fanny: The Right to Rock", we were wondering the same thing as a lot of people in the documentary - why have we never heard of the all-girl rock band Fanny? And the documentary by Bobbi Jo Hart provides a riveting, emotional, intimate, and inspirational deep look into the past, present, and possible future of this hard-rocking all-girls group.

"Fanny: The Right to Rock" details the untold and forgotten story of a Filipina-American rock band that found success in the early 1970s when rock was heavily ruled by men. The documentary features the battles against sexism, homophobia, and racism during the peak of popularity and an improbable comeback attempt that may just propel the group to their unattained potential in the hallowed halls of rock and roll. 


Sometimes life just seems to be unfair and "Fanny: The Right to Rock" is like a testament to that ode. This standard and by-the-numbers music documentary had some surprises along its way and is the perfect tribute to a revolutionary rock band that never got their due. What we loved from "Fanny: The Right to Rock" was its straight-forward approach and that it actually heavily features the members that composed the band. June Millington, Jean Millington, Brie Darling, and Alice de Buhr in particular brought so much energy and authenticity to the real-life struggles of Fanny in the past and in the present. Unfortunately, some of the other members of the band were missing and some of the interviews felt a little bit raw and undercooked. But even with its inherent flaws, "Fanny: The Right to Rock" closeness to the band members meant that we are with them in their journey to an improbable comeback with the launch of their album "Fanny Walked the Earth". This particular segment caught us off guard as it turned emotional, riveting, and inspirational in one fell swoop. As a Filipino, this also brought in a lot of Pinoy Pride - a term that's getting a lot of negative connotation recently. But trust us when we say that Pinoy Pride in this film was and is the real deal. The kind of Pinoy Pride we shouldn't be ashamed off as these women rocked hard and pushed the boundaries further and further. While this documentary wasn't as revolutionary as the band that it featured, here's hoping that it brings "Fanny" the recognition they so much deserve from the rock and roll community and fans alike.  

Rating: 4 reels

Why you should watch it:
- an intimate documentary featuring the real band and real fans that attest to their unknown and unrealized greatness

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- felt a little bit too formulaic and a by-the-numbers documentary at its core

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