Kitty K7 Movie Review: Laman na may Laman

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If there's one thing that "Kitty K7" proves, it's that VivaMax can actually provide a good film experience when they actually put some effort into it. "Kitty K7" still has nude and sex scenes but these actually make sense here. They're not forced and overbearing and actually provides some context and nuance to the film's narrative. While it's not perfect, this was decent and not mind-numbingly dumb. 

After her boyfriend broke up with her, Hana (Rose van Ginkel) meets a carefree photographer (Marco Gallo) who teaches her to love her wild side. From an underpaid graphic artist, Hana decides to explore being a camgirl and reinvents herself as Kitty K7. As her popularity grows, the stakes become too personal soon. Can Hana still do what she loves even though she risks losing everything and everyone else in her life?

With Antoinette Jadaone producing "Kitty K7", we had high hopes that the film bucks the dumb-bomba trend that has been plaguing VivaMax. And our hopes were answered as "Kitty K7" had a lot of body to back up its sexual content. Surprisingly though, what struck us most was Rose van Ginkel's performance as the camgirl Hana/Kitty K7. She's definitely sexy and beautiful which perfectly suits her character but more than that, she actually showed a lot of acting potential here and we're excited to see her perform in more serious roles in the future. Another aspect that titillated us was the film's cinematography. Director Joy Aquino had great camerawork and the the way she used the sex scenes actually respected our characters a lot. Finally, the topic of camgirls and sex work here were not used to justify sex scenes. In fact, its content was deep and thought-provoking providing a human aspect to a profession that most of us would judge in a negative light outright. Admittedly, the film had flaws. Primarily, we felt that its pacing was off as a lot of characters simply drift in and drift off throughout the film's runtime and we felt it needed to slow down a bit to really develop our connection with Hana in a deeper way. But, even with its flaws, "Kitty K7" is a worthwhile R-rated experience. Here's hoping this is the film that starts off a revolution within VivaMax.

Rating: 3 reels

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