Meet the Cosplay Power Couple Who's Bringing Your Favorite Characters to Life

If there's one thing that has been a constant in the local pop culture scene recently, its power couple Prince de Guzman and Awie de Guzman. They have been bringing our favorite characters, from movies to television to comics and even video gaming to life. Fiances in real life, among their successful campaigns were Warner Bros.’ "Shazam!", Netflix’s "Stranger Things", "The Witcher", and "Trese".

Prince de Guzman as Pennywise

We first encountered the couple half a decade ago when Prince de Guzman dressed up as Pennywise. Prince is a prosthetics expert. He needs to pull-in long nights making elaborate masks, costumes, and wigs, which led him to building a one-million strong fan base for his YouTube channel “Prince de Guzman Transformations”. Pennywise is the very first cosplay that he finished from head to toe according to Prince. "My Pennywise cosplay opened many doors to me and I am still improving this cosplay up to this day,” he adds. “I am proud of every single work that I have but 2017 Pennywise will always have a special place in my heart,” Prince says about his cosplay of the eerie clown from Warner Bros.’ “IT”. 

Awie de Guzman as Trese

Meanwhile, Awie started to be Prince’s videographer at events. But the local distributor of 20th Century Fox, gave her a huge break when they offered her the opportunity to cosplay the titular heroine in “Battle Angel: Alita” in 2019. The cosplay gig was so memorable to her that she had the name of the movie tattooed on her wrist to remind her where she started. “It also reminds me that just like Alita, I can strongly overcome any difficulties,” Awie shares. She also recalls when she cosplayed the main character Alexandra Trese for Netflix. “I felt a lot of pressure before deciding to cosplay her because the komiks have been around for many years and the Trese community is very protective of their fandom! I read the komiks so I can properly portray Trese, and I’m happy that the creators noticed my work too.” 

And it seems that the couple can do no wrong as one of their latest cosplays, the Stranger Things villain Vecna and the character of Max Mayfield also went viral and gained media attention.

“Seeing a younger generation of artists being entertained and being inspired by our craftsmanship is the most fulfilling part. Whether they are into acting, painting, makeup, sculpting. I do my best to inspire the next generation of artists through my discipline and workmanship in doing my cosplays,” Prince shares. 

Awie is also grateful for the support they get from pop culture fans. “When I see positive responses from the fans and followers, and they suggest a lot more characters, that’s when I know I’m doing a good job and they see that I can do more,” she says.

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Image Credits to from Prince de Guzman and Awie de Guzman
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