Tahan Movie Review: To Endure Mediocrity

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"Tahan" no doubt had a lot of sex scenes involving Cloe Barretto. The fact that she's a prostitute in the film makes a great excuse to have an excess of these scenes -  and the film went overboard a bit on these. But "Tahan" was more than just sex. It had a lot of drama and surprises that kept the story fresh and interesting even with the flawed writing that's tied to these twists.

Elise (Cloe Barretto) has been forced by her mother (Jaclyn Jose) since she was 11 years old to sell her body to older men. Now that she's a young adult, Elise is starting to grow tired of her mother's selfish and unrelenting demands for more money at her body's expense. When she meets her old high school fling Marcus (JC Santos), Elise starts to plan an escape from her mother's grip.

Exploitation of both body through sex and murder. "Tahan" was unabashed with its thrills may it be sex or some gore that you're looking for. And bolstered by a cast mixed up with seasoned actors such as Jaclyn Jose and JC Santos, the film was actually intriguing, exhilarating, and moving at its best moments. But at only less than 90 minutes and a majority of that screening time ruled by sex scenes, we felt that "Tahan" needed more room to develop its characters and story. In fact, the film had a huge twist that caught us off guard. It was tied up great to the previous scenes but it also had huge logical loopholes that was just swept aside for the shock factor. On top of that, Cloe Barretto was confounding as an actress. She did great on some scenes while on some it was total cringe. The showdown she had with Jaclyn Jose in particular showed the huge gap between her acting skills and the veteran actress on the other side of the coin. "Tahan" brings a lot of sex but a lot of substance also. It's a thought-provoking film that could have been a lot better if more time was spent on hashing out its basic narrative over prioritizing skin.   

Rating: 2 reels

Why you should watch it:
- had awesome performances especially from Jaclyn Jose
- that twist was something that caught us by surprise

Why you shouldn't watch it:
- at only 90 minutes, there was just too many sex scenes that prevented its story to fully develop
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