The Boys Season 3 Series Review

The Boys Season 3 Series Review: Herogasm

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Even in its third season, "The Boys" still found a way to feel refreshing, shocking, and a bloody great time. If you're looking some spunk, maturity, and attitude with your superhero fix then the third season is one of the best ways to quench this thirst.

Taking place a year after the events of the second season, The Boys are now working for Victoria Neuman's Bureau of Superhero Affairs created to apprehend Supes who are out of control. At first, Hughie (Jack Quaid) finds himself satisfied and happy working at the Bureau but when he discovers that Victoria Neuman is the "Head-Popper", Hughie's idyllic life starts to unravel once again.

"The Boys" is one of our favorite shows right now. It's in the must-watch category in our books. The third season cements this sentiment further. But this season wasn't perfect. In fact, one of our biggest issues with it was its pacing. The first half took its sweet time and focused more on the "gorrific" shock factor the series is known for and the narrative didn't move as much as we wanted to. Eventually the story needed to close its narrative threads and the last few episodes was quite a doozy to follow. A lot of key development's within the third season happens in the very last episode for example. 

We were also worried that the series would lose its touch and what made it one of the best shows right now but our fears never came to fruition. In fact, with some shift in its tone, "The Boys" still found a way to be very relevant to recent events. From its parody of  that "Imagine" music video to Black Lives Matter and racism to simple pop culture, a lot of elements within "The Boys" felt that they can happen in real-life still which adds to the illusion that is is an alternative version of our reality. We also appreciated that it didn't involve itself with the pandemic because it would have been forcing too much relevancy already in our opinion. Surprisingly, Antony Starr was the standout this season. His take as the fragile and about-to-burst Homelander was excellent. This was the bloodiest, sexiest, and craziest season yet and we could honestly declare that third time is still a charm for "The Boys". 

Rating: 4 and a half reels 

Why you should watch it:
- still felt fresh and a whole lot of fun
- the parodies to our reality was excellent as usual

Why you shoulnd't watch it:
- this series seriously needs more episodes per season in the future
- had some pacing issues
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