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Day Shift Movie Review: Uninspired and Forgettable Action Comedy

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As far as Netflix releases go, "Day Shift" is as run-of-the-mill as you can go. There are big stars and a big budget here but there's no denying that it just felt uninspired and generic from its narrative and even to its action. We wanted to love "Day Shift" especially with its unique take on vampires but it never attempts to do anything other than being ordinary.
Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) is hard working blue collar dad who just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted daughter. But his pool cleaning job is actually a front for his real source of income - hunting and killing vampires and selling their fangs. But due to his reckless ways in the past, Bud has been banned in the international Union of vampire hunters and he has to work in the black market - which pays a lot less. When his wife (Meagan Good) threatens to leave Bud if he is unable to pay their daughter's tuition and braces in a week, Bud needs money quick. As fate would have it, a vampire elder is looking for Bud, and if he is able to kill this elder, this means that Bud has his ticket to save his family.
If we could judge "Day Shift" alone with its very first scene then the film will get high marks. But sadly, the first action sequence was the highlight of them film and it goes downhill from there most of the way to the end credits. One of the biggest issues for us with "Day Shift" beyond its lackluster writing was its uneven pacing. One day, Bud and Seth (played by Dave Franco) are at wits with each other and the next day they're suddenly best buddies. This is only one example but the film is littered with these sudden shifts in character relationships and and overall tone that we just found ourselves frustrated with all the missing context or narrative development in between. We're not expecting much from an action film but even with out lower than usual expectations, "Day Shift" was just in a hurry to finish what it was trying to offer. Another issue was the lack of chemistry between the leads specifically between Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco. Their relationship within the film just didn't work for us. It may have been the film's break neck speed (as we mentioned earlier) but the relationship between both leads was just too shallow to be effective in our opinion. Overall, "Day Shift" is as generic as you can go as far as Netflix releases. It's a lukewarm experience offering some good comedy and good action scenes but never something spectacular, great, or memorable. This was just forgettable.  
Rating: 2 reels

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