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Nope Movie Review: A Spectacular Thriller

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Ridiculous and a spectacle at its core, we can say that the peculiarities and nuances of Jordan Peele's "Nope" will be a deciding factor for some if they think this film was spectacular or succumbing to its own hype. For us, it was the former. "Nope" was simply exquisite in its finest moments. This is Jordan Peele at his finest form as he once again finds a way to shock, to awe, to confound, and to surprise still in his third film as a director.

Due to the unexpected and timely death of his father, OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) takes over the family business and ranch in Agua Dulce. The lonely and secluded ranch is the perfect training ground for horses whom their family has been renting to shows and films. One night, when one of their horses goes missing, OJ witnesses an unidentified flying object while looking for the horse. Believing that this could mean a new source of income, OJ and his sister (Keke Palmer) try to lure out and capture footage of the mysterious object - completely forgetting that they should probably should have said nope to the idea to begin with.

The very first scene of "Nope" features a bloodied monkey who just beat up an actress on set. It's this kind of unusual, disturbing, and unexpected imagery and screenplay within "Nope" that truly defines what you should be expecting from the film. Does everything make sense or gets explained? Nope. By the time the credits roll, there will still be a lot of questions and a whole lot of talk discussing this one-of-a-kind beast. Is that really a bad thing? Nope. Not really. Because "Nope" is the kind of experience that won't be easy to forget as Jordan Peele made sure that even at its most mundane moments, "Nope" has something to offer may it be with some much needed dose of humor (mostly injected through the character of Angel played by Brandon Perea), tight and thrilling horror, fresh sci-fi elements, or even the already expected and anticipated real-life satires that each Peele film has offered before. Jordan Peele was able to combine Spielberg, Shyamalan, and even some Hitchcock in "Nope" and we loved it from first minute to last. And while the film isn't as straight-forward to really appeal to some, "Nope" was able to exceed all of our expectations and hype.    

Rating: 4 reels

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