WATCH: 'Seoul Vibe' is 'Fast and Furious' and 'Baby Driver' Combined in New Trailer

The fresh new trailer for the upcoming Korean action film "Seoul Vibe" has just been released and it seems like the film will be a mix of 80s retro, Fast and Furious action, and a soundtrack that can rival the car heist film "Baby Driver". Color us interested and we cannot wait when it arrives exclusively on Netflix later this month on August 26, 2022.

Director Moon Hyun-sung said, “The first step of Seoul Vibe was hip hop,” attributing hip hop music and culture from the 80s as one of the movie’s motif. The stylish Sanggye-dong Supreme Team will reflect a combination of retro and hip hop (“hip-tro”) vibe.

Yoo Ah-in adds, “From start to finish, it was like being and hanging out with friends my age”, highlighting the chemistry within the crew. 

With popping visuals and music to excite viewers’ eyes and ears, Seoul Vibe will release globally on August 26th only on Netflix. 

About Netflix:
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