Doll House (2022): Movie Review

Doll House Movie Review: Thought-Provoking Drama Yet Predictable and Safe

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Talk about authenticity. Baron Geisler who portrays Rustin, a troubled musician, was the perfect actor to take this kind of role. But don't let that fool you into thinking that Geisler had an easy time because that was just the tip of the iceberg. He also had to portray a somber dad who just wants to reform himself - for the sake of himself and his daughter. "Doll House", like Baron Geisler, exceeded so much from what we expected it to be. It may have its faults but at its core its message was clear, important, and thought-inducing.

When one of his bandmates suddenly dies, Rustin (Baron Geisler) realizes that he hasn't led a fulfilling life. Fearing that he may lose his chance to redeem himself, he goes to Rotterdam where he left the love of his life. But instead of seeing his ex-wife, he discovers that she has since passed away and he actually has a daughter named Yumi (Althea Ruedas) who is being taken care of her sister (Katreena Beron) and her friend Bok (Phi Palmos). Rustin takes this chance to finally rekindle a long-lost relationship with his daughter and a shot to becoming a better person to those who still care for him.

Coming blind into "Doll House" meant that it was a complete surprise for us. We didn't expect this to be super emotional and we didn't expect a Baron Geisler that showed his skills as an actor especially those that required more finesse and drama of being a father. But what we hated about "Doll House" (and why we think this was an opportunity missed) was the fact that the film was just too safe. It dabbles into serious thought-provoking topics such as forgiveness, redemption, time, family, and some extremely sad realities but we could never shake the feeling that the writers were holding back just to provide a more palatable, familiar, and predictable experience that its target audience would be comfortable with. Flaws aside in its writing, "Doll House" delivered more sensational moments than dull ones and the fact that it at least tried to do something extraordinary albeit on a limited scale counts a lot. 

Rating: 3 and a half reels

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