Werewolf by Night Review

Werewolf by Night Review: Another Winner for Marvel

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How many MCU releases has their been? We've lost count and its amazing to see how Marvel has been able to sustain the quality of its releases. These are not the best mind you but there's no denying that the general population will find most of these to be highly-entertaining. "Werewolf by Night" is another such release and more. This television special was only 53 minutes long but it was jampacked to the brim with references and revelations that any kind of fan will appreciate.

Following the death of their leader, a secret cabal of monster hunters gather at the Bloodstone Temple to find a new person to lead them. They are each thrust to compete against each other and the goal is simple:  kill the monster and get the Bloodstone relic attached to its body. As the hunt begins, who will emerge victorious amongst the best monster hunters in the world.

No doubt one of the biggest charms of "Werewolf by Night" were its visuals. The style and vibe goes back to the golden age of horror films. But for us more than the visuals, we actually loved the sound design. Director Michael Giacchino is an award-winning composer and it shows in "Werewolf by Night" because it was its best asset. Story-wise, this had some surprises and you can feel that the creativity was loosened a bit against the very rigid MCU formula. Although if you're looking for a horrific and horrifying experience, "Werewolf by Night" isn't scary. It's violent but there's nothing genre-bending here. Overall though, against the backdrop of the generic and formulaic MCU releases, this was a quick and refreshing breather. Here's hoping that these short specials continue with more stories and releases soon.  

Rating: 4 reels

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