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Smile Movie Review: Back to Basics Terror

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Sometimes we just want to watch pure unadulterated horror and "Smile" delivers on this heavily. The plot and the story were basic and there are a lot of better films of the same ilk. But there's no denying that the simple approach here works bolstered by outstanding acting and great use of jump scares to keep the disturbing and terrifying adrenaline rushes constant from start to finish.

Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) is a dedicated psychologist who helps deal with emergency psychiatric patients. But after witnessing a bizarre and traumatic suicide by a patient, she starts experiencing frightening occurrences that she can’t explain. At first she thinks that she might be suffering from some sort of disorder but when the haunts become deathly real, Rose realizes that she's not losing her mind and an unknown entity is out to kill her and she has less than a week's time to find a way to break the curse and survive.
Who knew a smile could be so disturbing? In Parker Finn's "Smile", its back-to-basics and no-frills horror. Its plot is nothing new as our protagonist encounters a curse and has a set amount of days left to live and find a way to survive. Sounds familiar? And "Smile" is a mish-mash of these precedent films. Luckily, Parker Finn executes his terror well. At the helm of the success of "Smile" was actress Sosie Bacon. Her descent into "madness" was disturbing and harrowing and her acting was undeniably convincing. Parker Finn was also able to employ jump scares quite well. This film had lots and most if not all of these jump scares actually felt fresh and scary and not too overwhelmingly abundant. We have to admit though, there are way better films than "Smile" such as "It Follows" but there's no denying that even with its faults, "Smile" left us with a huge smile while watching it - and its the good kind of smile.

Rating: 3 and half reels

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