Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 Series Review

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 Series Review: Series Best

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We must admit that the modern Netflix of iteration of "Unsolved Mysteries" have been mostly good but nothing spectacular at this point. It has always been a contention that this new version has deviated away from the one hosted by Robert Stack. And if you still have ill feelings towards this change then Volume 3 won't do any better. But here's the thing, in our opinion, the two year break proves that the wait was actually worth it. Volume 3 is easily the best of the bunch and presents more intriguing tales of crime and more. While not all stories work, who knew we would have found a supernatural episode as the best of the Volume and perhaps the whole modern series?

Nine new tales of crime, mysteries, and more are presented as viewers explore a plethora of still unexplained and unsolved murders and encounters of the supernatural and otherworldly kind. Can you help solve some of these cases?

One of the things that we really used to hate in "Unsolved Mysteries" are the supernatural and its episodes on aliens and UFOs. We love true crime but we also have our limits. But we have to admit that the strongest episodes for "Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3" were its episodes that tackled ghosts, Navajo beasts, and even UFOs. These three episodes were either interesting as it presented alternative views such as having a paranormal police, hundreds of witnesses and scientific evidence of a UFO event, or even an undeniable gripping tale of haunting and murder that was as creepy as it was interesting and surprising. Volume 3 had a lot more episodes than before and we actually found this to be a great feature also. The six episodes in the previous always felt a little bit short to satiate our documentary fix and this nine episode format felt perfect. We admit though that not all episodes are of the same quality. We felt that some came off as filler material or some had questionable formatting and storytelling by pushing an unsolved agenda even when the actual events already felt the most logical explanation to begin with. Overall though, Netflix is beginning to find its footing in its "Unsolved Mysteries" format and we're hopeful that subsequent editions will still get better and better.    

Rating: 4 reels

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