Avatar: The Way of Water: Movie Review

Avatar: The Way of Water Movie Review: Worth the Wait

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If there's one thing that made 2022 truly remarkable for us, this was the year that a couple of films prove that nothing could ever replace watching a film inside a cinema with the biggest screen possible. "Avatar: The Way of Water" is one of those films and probably the best example why. This sequel was an epic spectacle from start to finish and James Cameron was able to make going back to Pandora feeling as amazing and as wonderful more than a decade ago. It has always perplexed us why it took so long to release these sequels but now we know why and we could honestly say that with the leaps in VFX quality, this was simply worth the wait.

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, we find the Sully family with Jake (Sam Worthington), Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), and their kids living a quiet and fulfilling life in Pandora. But one night, a familiar threat returns threatening to bring chaos and death once again. Jake decides that the best way to protect his family and the Na'vi is to move away from their home. Arriving in a new environment with the sea tribes of Pandora, Jake and his family must adapt to the ways of the water and the Metkayina tribe if they are to survive.

They say lightning doesn't strike twice and we had our doubts with "Avatar: The Way of Water" striking the same success as its predecessor. But James Cameron just proved why he is one of the best and innovative directors ever because he was able to make this sequel be a whole lot better technically and emotionally than the first film. Narratively, this sequel revolves around family and this meant that a huge dramatic weight is inserted into the mix. The film was able to make these conflicts stand out as Jake and Neytiri are given a chance to be parents for the first time and both struggle to find the correct and right answers to help their children grow up to be better Na'vi. But we must admit, the writing and story was the weakest aspect of the film. This was predictable, clichéd, and generic and some may find this a huge red flag. For us though, this wasn't really a big deal as the film was simply jaw-dropping visually that we never found ourselves bored or bogged down with its more than three hour runtime.

Speaking of its visuals, you must experience this film to really understand and comprehend what it was able to achieve with its VFX. This sequel was a technical masterpiece and the first time we didn't experience any uncanny valley moments and James Cameron once again pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on film. We never thought we would be able to experience Pandora the same as when we experienced it for the first time 13 years ago but here we are once again amazed and speechless with Pandora's offerings. 13 years ago, we said that "Avatar" was a film for the ages. We never thought its sequel could ever do the same and yet here we are just us amazed and more compared to before.

Rating: 5 reels

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